About Two Crows Surfboards



Two Crows Surfboards began in 2008 when Carl Olsen visited his friend Welzie in Hawaii and made a longboard. Welzie insisted Olsen to let him do some "Freestyle" color work on the board, which ended up looking kinda cool. They put two crow decals on the board laying around from a previous project and the first Two Crows surfboard was born. The name Two Crows came about while Welzie was driving Olsen to the airport. They decided to come up with a name by the time they reached HNL from the North Shore. Two Crows was all they could come up with, and that took the entire drive.
Today Two Crows is still in the Waialua Sugar mill on Oahu's North Shore. Not just two kids "Freestyling" anymore, the Two Crows team is all grown up with a full sideshow of creators and craftsmen who believe in making creativity fun. Come by our shop in the Waialua Sugar Mill on Oahu's North Shore and say hi.